Policy Making in Urban Settings (at HKS)

This course is an introduction to policymaking in American cities, focusing on economic, demographic, institutional, and political settings. It examines economic development and job growth in the context of metropolitan regions and the emerging “new economy” and addresses federal, state, and local government strategies for expanding community economic development and affordable-housing opportunities. Of special concern is the continuing spatial and racial isolation of low-income populations, especially minority populations, in central-city neighborhoods and how suburbanization of employment, reduction in low-skilled jobs, and racial discrimination combine to limit housing and employment opportunities.

Course format:

During the semester, students will complete two brief policy memoranda and a take-home examination consisting of three short essays.

Jointly offered course: Also offered as KSG SUP-600.

This course is scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays at HKS in Wexner 330 (Wex330 classroom is part of the recent HKS construction and can be accessed via the third-floor hallway).
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