Product Design Research Methods

What is design research? What are its criteria of success? The seminar/workshop will investigate design research methods as they related to Industrial Design. The seminar will define \”design\” as a process of inquiry in the pursuit of identifying significant product opportunities. The course is structured as follows:First half of the semesterThe first half of the course will introduce and define \”comparative research\” and \”integrated research\” through two workshop projects: a first on materials and a second on fabrication.Second half of the semesterThe second half will have two parallel tracks:1.A series of guest visitor led workshops, to introduce a range of discrete research tools.2.The development of independent student proposals in response to a problem that will tie architecture, organizational models, business strategy, and products together.The course has a significant component of independent student work Primary course times are Tuesdays 9-11am, but may meet at other times as necessary/agreed upon by the course.Course pre-requisite: 2316M2