Project Delivery

Major changes are underway in the design and construction industry. Advances in technology, increased owner-user expectations, and new approaches to project delivery are affecting every aspect of the way projects are commissioned, negotiated, and delivered. The past is no longer prologue. New approaches to project delivery will be required to deliver future innovative design concepts. Students should have an understanding of the fundamental, underlying principles of translating design concepts from virtual exemplification into physical reality, rather than reiteration of techniques that may be used in today’s design and construction environment.

This course covers the latest theory and practices of managing and delivering design projects, including understanding the role of the designer in project delivery; coalescing owner, designer, constructor and fabricator relationships; achieving leading-edge and innovative design solutions and fabrications; exploiting technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve the design-fabrication interface; project start up; project scoping, scheduling and budgeting; financial aspects of projects; traditional and collaborative design and construction delivery processes, including design-build, bridging, fast-track, CM-Advisor, CM@Risk, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD); communication among the owner-designer-constructor-fabricator team; project risks and mitigation; introduction to the concepts of earned value, design services during construction, project close-out, commissioning, post-occupancy evaluation, and other project delivery topics. Designed for students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, as well as MDesS students in the Real Estate and the Built Environment programs, and others who desire to increase their knowledge of project management and delivery. The course is comprised of lectures, role-playing exercises, case studies and team assignments. Expert guest speakers will address specific topics. This course complements other professional practice, real estate, and project-oriented courses at the GSD.

Assigned readings and short written assignments on relevant topics. Activities will include team projects and role-playing exercises. There will be a midterm and final paper or project in lieu of examinations.

Student evaluations will be based on class attendance, preparation and participation (20%), written assignments (25%), the midterm paper (25%), and the final paper (30%).

Texts and Readings
Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide, American Institute of Architects and the AIA California Council. [Will be distributed as a PDF handout.] Selected readings from Refabricating Architecture by Keiran and Timberlake, Fabricating Architecture: Selected Readings by Robert Corser, and other relevant literature. In addition, The Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge (PMI BOK) will be discussed; [Will be distributed as a PDF handout.] Selected readings from The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 14th Edition, American Institute of Architects, and Integrated Practice in Architecture by George Elvin will be assigned. [Both on reserve in Loeb Library.] Additional articles and readings will be provided in PDF format via the course website.