Protecting and Developing the Landscapes of Don Quixote, Province of Castilla – La Mancha, Spain

Students for this studio have already been selected in an early lottery; this studio will not be part of the studio lottery on September 13th.Studio Description:Professor Carl Steinitz and Assistant Professor Christian Werthmann, proposes a study leading to design proposals for the protection and development of the landscapes of Don Quixote in the Province of Castilla- La Mancha. The studio is sponsored by the Fundacion Civitas Nova and has the full cooperation of both the provincial and local authorities in Castilla – La Mancha. The specific studies and projects which will be undertaken will be identified during initial investigations and discussions with provincial and local authorities. The intent of the work of the studio is to support the Province\’s interest in promoting landscape protection, tourism, and economic development as exemplified by the activities associated with the 400th anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote. The studio will propose landscape protection and development plans, policies and designs directed at the long-term sustainability of the attractiveness of \”The Landscapes of Don Quixote,\” which must clearly be a central element in the economic strategy of the Province. Example projects might include:- a visual management plan for the road between Cuenca and Toledo,- a landscape conservation plan for the windmills of Campo de Criptana and Consuegra,- a new entrance road and parking area for the historic core of Toledo from the Madrid direction, and – a strategy to protect the historic image of Toledo.There would be approximately 10 such projects all of which would be coordinated into a single overall landscape plan for the chosen portions of the Province of Castilla- La Mancha.The studio will not be \”one student, one design.\” It will be an organized collaborative effort with substantial self-management by the students. There are issues ranging from the metropolitan/regional to very detailed project design.