Race and Real Estate [Module 2]

This course examines historical and contemporary real estate practices that have negatively affected racial minorities in the United States and internationally. The course reviews the history of land ownership and housing in the United States as shaped by the legacy of slavery and subsequent discriminatory practices such as deed restrictions, redlining, predatory lending, and steering. These practices have negatively affected trajectories of intergenerational wealth as well as social outcomes in public health, education, and political power. The course also looks at the participation of underrepresented minorities in today’s real estate profession and efforts to create greater inclusion. While the course principally focuses on race and real estate in the United States, it also looks at race and real estate in the international context as well as gender, class, ethnicity, and religion in the United States and internationally. Classes include lectures, discussions of readings, presentations by guests, and student presentations. Students will be evaluated on their participation in class, group presentation, and a final paper.

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