Real Estate, Society, Environment

This course examines the emerging context for real estate practice worldwide that measures success not solely by the financial bottom line but also by achievement of beneficial spatial, social, and environmental outcomes. For-profit and not-for-profit real estate developers, investors, owners, lenders, and public agencies globally are converging in their aim to harness real estate development for positive impact. Through readings, case studies, project-based assignments, visits by outside speakers, and in-class lectures and workshops, students will explore how transnational, national, and local policy mandates and market-driven preferences for positive impact can be generative opportunities rather than constraints to be overcome, and how aligning purpose and profit in real estate development can lead to more successful and meaningful outcomes.

Although this is a limited enrollment course, MRE students should enroll directly during the open enrollment period and not enter the Limited Enrollment Course Lottery.


TThe first day of GSD classes, Tuesday, September 5th, is held as a MONDAY schedule at the GSD. As this course meets only on Tuesdays, the first meeting of this course will be on Tuesday, September 12th. It will meet regularly thereafter.