Rethinking a Library and a YMCA: the case of Warrensville Heights

The research seminar in the Fall 2009, entitled: 9206A: Toward Socially-inclusive Sustainable Development has produced the master plan for 17 vacant acres located at the geographical center of Warrensville Heights. The master plan is based on a framework based on an in-depth analysis of the socio-economic and planning issues of the area.The City of Warrensville Heights has accepted the master plan and has also agreed to have a community library and a YMCA on the site, both included in the master plan. This new research seminar will build on the conclusions of the Fall 2009 seminar and will provide a conceptual model for both the library and the YMCA. In collaboration with Brad Sellers, business development officer of Warrensville Heights and the representatives of both the County Library and the YMCA, the research will focus on developing the program of these 2 buildings, re-examining what should a library and a YMCA be for the specific community in the 21st century and then continue on developing their schematic designs. The course will be co-taught with Bill Valentine and Brian Kenet. Bill Valentine, Chairman of HOK, has offered to host the students in the HOK offices in San Francisco for a design charrette, facilitating an interaction with architects, specialists in the design of libraries and YMCAs. The research seminar will be funded by Hull Associates, HOK has agreed to provide their facilities, and Brad Sellers of the city of Warrenville Heights welcomes our intervention and will provide the needed support, as he did for the Fall 2009 course.This course will meet at the GSD on the following days: Jan/27, Feb/3, Feb/17, Feb/24, Mar/3, Mar/31, Apr/14 & Apr/21.