Reticulated Form II: Airport Terminus in Bucharest

Reticulated Form II: Airport Terminus in BucharestThis research and design studio is the second in a series that focuses on parametric explorations of reticulation: division, marking, and assembly with the intention of forming programmatic and structural networks. Reticulated surfaces — like the patterned skin of a giraffe or a python — have non-repeating patterns comprised of lines and surfaces that generate networks that arise spontaneously but inevitably from the programming of genetics. Using this process of form-making as inspiration, our work with reticulation aims to systematically engage building, landscape, and program as self-generating, multi-dimensionally connective systems. The site for the studio will be a newly located regionally-scaled inter-Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) airfield in Bucharest. Regional Airports serve from 5 to 10 MPPA (million people per annum) and are also known as \’Aerovilles\’. What characterizes an Aeroville is the particular differentiation – and interaction – between Landside and Airside related developments. Students will be asked to develop individual programs for both, based in part on their understanding of a very specific local context. Bucharest can be considered one of many post-socialist cities that exemplify an ongoing state of transition in Central and Eastern European countries. These societies have largely shifted to market economies, developed democratic political systems, and, in many cases have already joined the European Union. Some use the Euro as their currency, some do not. However, many of their social practices are still rooted in socialist times and European traditions that have arisen at the ancient juncture of East and West. As a result, we are presented with a uniquely regional context within which to work. To investigate this first-hand, a one week trip to Bucharest is currently pending.This studio is CATIA based. No previous experience with the software is necessary as we will dedicate the first three weeks of the semester to CATIA tutorials. Individual attention will be made available to all.Program Briefing in and Site Visit to Bucharest: 9/18/2009-9/22/2009