Soil in Landscape Design

URBAN SOILS AND PLANTING Department of landscape ArchitectureLecture/Workshop4 unitsInstructorJames UrbanThis course will cover the fundamentals of natural and human influenced soils and the effect of different soil conditions on landscape design, planting installation, plant growth and tree preservation. Building on a foundation of soil characteristics and plant response to different soil condition the course will cover site soil surveys, assessment and interpretation, soil modification, design, detailing, specification, installation and testing. This will include texture, drainage, aeration, irrigation, soil volumes and amendments. Specific areas of study will include the design of rooftops, urban streetscape/ plaza conditions, large site modifications, structural planting soils and sustainable soil issues in a variety of climate types. The course will also cover planting techniques and installation details for a variety of plant types and discuss issues related to soil protection and large tree preservation during the construction process.The course will be a lecture/workshop format with several field trips and hands on analysis of various soil problems.