Something From Nothing; freehand drawing techniques

Instructor: Wendy Prellwitz

Max Enrollment: 12

Date/Time: Jan 4 – 8/9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

7 Sumner/402

Description: Experience the joys of freehand drawing, based on the fundamentals of seeing and drawing techniques.

Using still life setups as the starting point, the drawing process will include various ways to approach line quality, proportion, figure/ground, range of tone, perspective with different drawing tools & materials.

For any level of drawing ability – with the goal of feeling more comfortable with freehand drawing and seeing things differently.

Requirements: n/a


• 18×24 pad of newsprint
• 18×24 pad of drawing paper ( such as Canson or Strathmore)
• Good sized pieces of Vine and compressed charcoal
• Several soft graphite pencils ( 4B to 8B) and Ebony pencils & graphite sticks
• White chalk or conte crayon
• Sharpener
• Kneaded eraser
• Neutral tone paper ( cream, gray, black) and
• glue for collage
Additional materials, if you\’d like:
• Ink, brushes & water container + paper for wet media, like Bristol or watercolor pad
• Markers