Structures in Design

Why don\’t things fall down? Some of us believe that this is a question well worth considering in architecture, and not just a problem that engineers will be addressing once all design decisions have been taken. Structural choices are always design choices, and vice versa. This first module of \’Structures in Design\’ researches structural design in relation to architectural design not to promote that structural issues should be driving the development of a scheme, but to bring structural design to a level of consciousness where it becomes enabler in the creation of a meaningful design. Students can choose two alternative ways of pursuing the course objective:A Case Study: in-depth study and analysis of a building or bridge of the student\’s choice (needs to be approved by the instructor)BResearch Project: in-depth study of a topic of choice (needs to be approved by the instructor)Both modules of \”Structures in Design\” are open to students of all levels. The first module is an opportunity to research a particular technology, material, system, case study or other related area of interest. Work in both modules is mostly individual, but group work is possible. The second module then provides the setting to explore structural topics in a design context. There will be a final review for this first module at midterm, at which either the case study or the research project will be presented and discussed.This is a one-module class that begins in the first half of the term. The course can accommodate up to 10 students.