Studio Option

My pedagogy is mainly based in fostering observation and the fact that architecture relays in the comprehension of our surrounding world. Indeed, from that comprehension the dialog is ignited. I want to make clear that everything is a game of relationships and interpretations, to point out that architecture starts always from our mind, and from the reinterpretation of the demand, because otherwise without demand there is no architecture. The latter is grown from the necessity, either spiritual or physical. There are no established rules, apart from those that each one of us discovers when we understand our neighborhood and the requested objectives. The formal game through which we materialize the architecture follows from our intentions after thinking about the program, after understanding the context very closely. Only with a clear idea of the aims, the formal game is neither blind nor fruitless. My current proposal, to be fulfilled during the next semester, requires placing the project in Boston, and it is Boston that has to suggest it to me. For this reason I find completely impossible to define the space from Barcelona. The next 5th I am in the America, and my will would be to travel to Boston to specify the emplacement.