Sustainability in building construction and use has to be a project issue from the beginning of the design and is a strong design advisor leading to integrated solutions and not just add on solar panels or a green roof.This course will introduce the students in this integral design approach for a sustainable building design with basic information of advanced building technologies and the application in the studio design of each student. Therefore the course will be partially lectures and mainly individual desk reviews during the different design stages facing for the project scope and climate at:

  • building form and orientation
  • construction and materials
  • facade
  • building system
  • concept and consequences
  • Hand calculation, function models and simple computer tools will be introduced and used for the understanding and evaluation.At the end of the course each student should have a concept for the sustainable approach worked out for his studio design, presented in a final review.Prerequisite… GSD 6205 or equivalentCourse objectives… Providing the students with the technical background to approach a building design including sustainable aspects.Course format… Seminar and desk reviews