Tokyo Study Abroad Seminar: Tectonic Tradition: Structure and Material in Japan

In Japan, design, both traditional and contemporary, is inseparable from materials and how they are constructed together.  In this seminar, guest speakers are invited to present a topic related to either structure or material of their choice to discuss its relevance to the design and making of objects of various scale, from origami to architecture.  The seminar consist of lectures, site visits, and hands on experience on traditional Japanese materials.   
The seminar is held on Thursday (TBC) at Ito Juku in Ebisu unless otherwise notified.

1. Introduction to the seminars / first lecture
Mitsuhiro Kanada presents the seminar program and case studied in collaboration between architects and engineers.

2. Archi-neering
Masao Saito, professor emeritus (Nihon University) will discuss the role of structural engineering in architectural design.  Lecture will be held at A-Forum in Ochanomizu. 

3. Japanese Timber Structure
Noriaki Yamada, structural engineer specialized in timber structure, will present traditional and most contemporary use of timber in architectural design.

4. Membrane Structure:
Jun Kitamura, structural engineer (MakMax) will take the group to recently completed Shintoyosu Raunning Stadium near Olympic venues in Ariake area to explain membrane structures in Japan and overseas. 

5. Glass in Architecture
Masayuki Hayashi (Asahi Glass) will present various glass usage in architectural and structural design.  Lecture will take place at AGC Studio in Kyobashi. 

6. GFRP in Design
Gen Ishikawa (Advanced Composite Material) will present a brief introduction to the composite materials and play a musical instrument he invented using carbon fiber reinforced plastic.  Lecture will take place at Tokyo University of the Arts.

7. Japanese Traditional Material, Urushi
Kenji Toki (Miyagi University) will introduces the traditional material of Urushi which has been used over 3,000 years from small accessory to large scale architecture.  He will demonstrate the traditional fabrication technique.  Lecture and demonstration will take place at Tokyo University of the Arts.

8. Origami
Tomohisa Goko (Tokyo University of Technology) will present an origami theory and examples of its application to larger structure in various geometry. 

9. Geometry
Hajime Narukawa, (Keio University) is a structural engineer by training but now researches new way of mapping 3D object on 2D.  He has invented a new way of mapping the world, authagraph. 

10. Material Workshop
Hands on workshop to try Kanshitsu, traditional FRP, to create a project. Workshop will take place at Tokyo University of the Arts. 

11. Final Presentation
Presentation of workshop project and overall discussion on the themes of the course.