Views, With Rooms

Evolving theories on optics, over time and place, have spawned a set of objects that physically model vision. Each renders vision visible and suspends diverse subjectivity in the act of seeing.  These objects offer new ways of both conceiving and constructing architecture through their imaged views, which operate outside of the conventional limits of linear perspective.  This seminar will examine these optical objects in order to reveal how traits of each were taken up by an architectural work that built from their views at the scale of inhabitable form and space, not only mining materiality and depth from images but also making vision an immersive bodily experience open to an expanded field of subjects.  The pre-digital works under focus are positioned as pairs of optical objects and architectures with specific significance for vision and associated production of form and space within contemporary postdigital image culture.  Each will be considered in relation to screen-modes of seeing, today, as prompts for designing new architectures ‘of-the-image.’  Through written and visual representation, the work in this seminar will explore the possibilities of images given unusual agency in the generation of the architecture that surrounds them – inverting the trope ‘room with a view,’ through a close look at views, with rooms.