Visualizing Identity in Design Praxis

Ailyn Mendoza
Jan 14-16 (MTW) / 12:30-3:30
Minimal knowledge of Indesign; Basic internet skills; No knowledge of HTML or CSS is needed.
Visualizing Identity in Design Praxis is a course focusing on the tools and methods available to designers for cataloging and presenting their work in a professional environment.

The course will be divided into three sessions : Establishing Professional Identity; Developing Online Presence and Fabricating Physical Portfolios.

Through each session emphasis will be placed on the creation of quick yet attractive professional materials that provide designers with a unique competitive edge. These materials include but are not limited to : digital and physical portfolio; resumes; logos and branding.

At the completion of workshop, those who attend can expect to leave with:
– a working website featuring their work samples
– kit of tools for publishing physical portfolios
– specific feedback and direction for resumes, cover letters, logos

The format of the course will be a combination of lectures, in-class labs and peer-reviews.

All course participants should arrive on the first day with work samples (minimum 10 jpegs) loaded onto a flash drive and personal laptops. Working knowledge of Adobe Indesign is beneficial but not necessary for course particpation. No knowledge of HTML or CSS coding is needed for website creation.

For further questions, please email Ailyn Mendoza @[email protected]
Flash drive with work samples (10 jpegs min) required for website.