Voices of Change

The tone of our voice is more important than the words that we use. When we speak, we use a common language that we share with the individuals we are communicating with. Moreover, we use gestures and facial expressions that are personal and that we cannot fully control.
In the studio Voices of Change, we will immerse ourselves in the voices of iconic cultural protagonists such as Marina Abramovic, Louise Bourgeois, Meret Oppenheim, and Robert Smithson. We will experience each individual voice as a synthesis of the protagonists’ specific cultural, political, and artistic existence, and we will use the energy of these voices to work on new forms of collective housing.
In the studio, we will work with the students on the transformation of a warehouse in Los Angeles into cooperative housing. We will work on today’s most pressing questions. The idea is to give architectural form to a more sustainable and more just way of life. We believe that the answers should be rational and personal simultaneously, and that they can only be found by going through the unforeseeable messiness of the creative process. We will work on plans and physical models, and we will use model photography as a method of exploration and representation.
In its own mythology, Los Angeles is the city of eternal sunshine. The blandness of its endless grid is the perfect surface for the projection of both dreams and illusions. We will use this utopian idea of Los Angeles as a powerful tool to envision new ways of living.