Where’s Alice?

Where\’s Alice?\”Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…if you\’re young at heart.\” – Carolyn LeighThe iPhone and Swiss Army knife are commercial product equivalents to the fantastical fairy tale and ballad. They are figments of the imagination designed to at once suspend and initiate re-interpretation, re-arrangement and re-development. Of these forms, the iPhone (and its aspirants) is arguably the most innately transformative. It changes human behavior. Its generative potentials include, among others: experiential complexity, micro and macro economies, community definition, technological innovation and networks and vocabularies of communication. In addition, it can be morphed into a variety of alternative implements from a musical instrument to a camera to a way-finding device to a gaming center-an immense tool for social order into which the individual finds place (space) and identity (distinction).The traditional role of architecture has been to re-position the individual against society.This studio will investigate the possibilities of an architecture that inherently possesses the spatial, functional and spiritual richness of a social order empowered by the individual.Minimally, there will be film and music retrospectives, visiting inquisitors, thesis statements, architectural app concepts, angst, field trip(s), site selections by each student, individualized program assignments, bewilderment, fun, research and rigor…which means we will meet on Wednesday and Thursday each week.As a parallel project, each student will design a bathroom.