Word(s) Count : Writing, Publishing, Design

The dual purposes of this course are 1) to teach students how to write clearly, concisely, and critically and 2) to teach the fundamentals of creating an original print publication. Both individually and collectively, we will work at the scale of the 500-5,000 word text and at the scale of the book/journal/magazine. Our reading and writing will focus on issues relating to spatial design and the built environment, and will range from observation to analysis to critique to manifesto to professional communications including proposals, mission statements, and bios. In addition to individual writing assignments throughout the semester, the course will culminate in students developing and presenting in groups a complete and implementable proposal for an original print publication.

This course reflects the following convictions. The ability to convey in writing complex, critical ideas to a non-specialist readership is an essential skill for anyone—including the designer—that wishes to effect change in the world. Furthermore, print publications remain a uniquely effective (and satisfying!) format for reaching and impacting a broad audience.

Course Format: Workshops, lectures by course instructor and guests; discussions and team exercises; collaborative and individual projects.

Requirements: Consistent class attendance and engagement; satisfactory participation in and completion of collaborative and individual projects including multiple writing assignments.