ZED Workshop

The seminar examines the process of innovative architectural practice, integrating the research and development of emerging green technologies from concept to collaborative design and engineering. This seminar combines research with design workshop format to investigate advances in the design and technology of Net Zero Energy Development of Live / Work buildings, its development, and the corresponding components, and assemblies. Presentations, guest lectures, and site visits are organized in compliments to a design research workshop format. Bill Dunster will analyze the design, construction, and performance of project by the Zed Factory. The team of Beddington Zero Energy Development consultants will offer collaborative approaches to high performance building engineering in complimentary disciplines. Additional case studies will be assigned. Discussion topics will include: Materials research and component developments, maximising the passive performance of building fabric, integrating renewable energy systems, pioneering eco-waste treatment concepts and inhabited landscape, engineered components, open-system prefab assembly, building-integrated and on-site renewable energy systems, occupant behavior, and full-cycle material management. The course will examine key factors in fostering continuous improvements in innovative design development processes, delineating the frameworks, strategies and tactics deployed in advancing facets of sustainability. Students will be challenged to design and incorporate emerging technologies through a semester-long research project or propose the design of a prototype live/work housing unit, its system and assembly. In addition to individual consultation with the instructors, each student will be encouraged to liaise with key consultants to develop insights into the innovation process and methodology.