“Design Technologies as Agents of Change,” with Thomas Bock, Paul Seletsky, Rivka Oxman, Ingeborg Rocker

As digital design media and digital fabrication technologies emerge as foci of design process, the relationship between architects and engineers is undergoing rapid change in collaborative practices. The development of digital technologies is enabling new processes of design practice and collaboration, allows unprecedented design speculation, and enables human-machine interaction in pursuit of newly hybridized spatial environments. Established hierarchies between tools and problems are increasingly reversed. Among other areas of influence, growing environmental awareness is exploiting new shifts from analytical to generative models of design. These evolutionary forms of technology – design relationships are becoming characteristic in complex projects integrating interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary agents in multi-scalar design problems, where the growing inter-relationship between technology and design is acting as an empowering agent.
Beyond simply exemplifying these emerging phenomena, the event seeks to explore and explicate the implications of these considerations upon knowledge, theory, praxis, research, and education.
Martin Bechthold, GSD
Thomas Bock, TU Munich
Paul Seletsky, ArcSphere New York
Rivka Oxman, Technion Haifa
Ingeborg Rocker, GSD

Organized by the Master in Design Studies Program, GSD

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