Graphe (γρᾰ́φω): the process of writing, drawing, sketching, or painting

Abstract design

The nature of the geo-graphic is changing. New spatial media, ubiquitous geospatial data, and seemingly limitless distributed computational capacity convoke new technicians and novel techniques by which our worlds are written and drawn upon. What are the implications of the displacement of entrenched modes of description, both graphic and textual? How must we reconsider the basic geographic practices of writing and drawing the world? This multidisciplinary panel of young designers, pedagogues, and scholars will explore the proposition that thinking and seeing geographically hinge on the philosophical and technical entanglement of writing, drawing, and marking. We will consider geographic pedagogy and practice as it relates to the forms of responsibility that accompany drawing and writing, taking seriously the notion that geo-graphic pedagogies and practice is about the mattering of concerns, the mapping of traces, and the possibilities of inscription and intervention.




Christopher Alton (University of Toronto)

Maria Arquero de Alarcon (University of Michigan)

Alexander Arroyo (University of California, Berkeley)

Zulaikha Ayub (Princeton University)

Grga Basic (Columbia University)

Eric Robsky Huntley (MIT/University of Kentucky)

Robert Pietrusko (Harvard University)

Matthew Wilson (University of Kentucky/Harvard)




12:00pm: Light Snacks

12:30pm: Opening Remarks

1:00pm-3:00pm: Panel + conversation

Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].