GSD Talks: Geurt Van Randeraat with Jerold Kayden

Geurt van Randeraat, principal of SITE UD in Amsterdam, will discuss the state of the art of Dutch urban development. For two or three decades we have experienced an integrated approach on urban development with large mixed-used areas, multi disciplinary thinking and working and a strong collaboration of public and private sector. In today’s new economic situation we are searching for new strategies for city development, still based on a integral approach of the area development, but with a smaller scale and other roles of participants, changing roles of design and designers, other investment strategies and so on.
This renewed integrated approach is a very conceptual way of working in which design research is an important part of the initiation phase of a project and multidisciplinary teams work on different scenario’s to create smart strategies for growth. Design is increasingly used to deepen the scenario’s and filter the essentials. The result is no longer a blueprint but a flexible strategic framework with inbuilt re-generation potential, as well as an alluring dot on the horizon.
With the economy expected to be slow for the coming years, the temporal aspect is increasingly important. Because there are too many uncertainties, and the timeframe of the development has been extended to sometimes 30 or 40 years, the interim becomes the end situation that has to be dealt with. Our integral approach turns out to be a very useful method for dealing with this. Geurt will show examples based on his own practical experiences as well as some interesting research results we gained with the MCD-program; and if there is time lefthe will offer a glimpse of his work on climate adaptive cities in the Netherlands and the changing approach we practice in this field. 

Principal Speaker: 2128

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