GSD Talks: Niall Hobhouse, “Holding the Pass: Client, Architect and Landscape Design”

This talk will center on what architect Niall Hobhouse—Trustee of the Canadian Center for Architecture Montreal & The Soane Museum, London, and former Chair of the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics—has learned at Hadspen House and on his projects there with Cedric Price, Peter Smithson, Foreign Office Architects, and members of the teaching faculty at London Met, including Stephen Taylor, Florian Beigel of ARU and David Grandorge. He has also collaborated with landscape designers Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Johnnie Phibbs, Günther Vogt and Sarah Price.
The strongest theme will be his twenty-year campaign to convince the design community that architecture is only ever one (small) subsection of landscape design. 
Can landscape designers retake some initiative from the architects in the way projects are often conceived? 
Might a client do something to ease the tension between the different understandings of place and object?
Not all of these questions have easy answers.

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