Iñaki Echeverria: “Texcoco Lake Ecological Park, Mexico City”

Iñaki Echeverria, one of Mexico’s emerging architects and landscape urbanists, is author and director of the project known as Texcoco Lake Ecological Park in Mexico. Upon completion, Texcoco Park will become the largest urban park in the world, reclaiming over 143 million square meters  (35,350 acres) for public spaces and green infrastructure; it involves over 150 specialists from multiple fields, all directed by Echeverria’s office.
This area, located in the outskirts of the metropolitan zone of Mexico City, can be reclaimed as a new ecology that incorporates nature, culture, and infrastructure: a cultural ecology. The goal is to reclaim the site as the most important green piece of infrastructure in the valley, which will make it possible to reconcile the city with its geography, incorporate the hydrological cycles as part of the metropolitan area’s operation, eliminate the threat of floods for the population, and contribute to reestablishing the native biota.
Intervention strategies aim to restore the site, allowing for short and long term processes to take place. Through reforestation, re-vegetation and reintroduction of species, the aim is to foster the recovery of the lost ecosystem and introduction of the new, of the city.
This project will be able to revitalize the social, cultural and educational networks of the most neglected area in Mexico City. The proposal’s intention is to generate a soft environmental edge as an effect of last century’s exponential population growth that led a city of 3 million inhabitants in 1950 to grow to over 20 million by 2000.
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