Kunlé Adeyemi in Conversation with Henk Ovink

Kunlé Adeyemi, architect, designer and urbanist worked closely on numerous projects with Rem Koolhaas at OMA, including the Lagos masterplan. He founded NLÉ, his architecture, design, and urbanism practice in Lagos, Nigeria. His work focuses on city development research and urban interventions.  He will present the first phase of his designs for a floating town in Makoko, an area of Lagos. The Makoko Floating School, a building prototype for African water communities, was built with people in the Lagos water communities. The project envisions a means to develop in tropical, coastal African cities that are prone to flooding with ever-more frequency due to rising sea levels. Henk Ovink, Director General, Spatial Planning and Water Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, will give a response following the presentation. 
Mr. Adeyemi will also be participating in a design panel at the Harvard African Development Conference this weekend at the Harvard Law School. 

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