Latin GSD: Luis Valenzuela “Home of Crime & Other Urban Caveats: Misinterpretations in Chilean Citys Environments”

Home of Crime & Other Urban Caveats: Misinterpretations in Chilean city’s environments
By Luis Valenzuela (The Territorial Intelligence Center)

Somehow cities in emerging economies accumulative problems and the capacity of understanding them have progressively distanced from mainstream urban theory explanations.  Chilean cities are no exception. 

The lecture on HOME OF CRIME & OTHER URBAN CAVEATS is part of an ongoing collaborative and applied research that inquire apparently simple yet complex questions about how can our cities mitigate the violent urban crime cycle and how are urban environment capable to inform clues for mitigation.  Furthermore, it seeks to clarify misinterpretations relating poverty with crime, mobility with real estate, and life quality indicators with segregation among others.

The Territorial Intelligence Center is part of the DesignLAB School at the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, innovating to approach the most demanding questions regarding our building environment.  It is an initiative that started two years ago exploring new grounds in applied research and academia. Research gathers architects, geographers, economists, engineers, mathematicians, and public officials.

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