Stanislaus Fung, “Recent Projects in Rural China”

Lost Villa Boutique Hotel in Yucun, Moganshan, China, 2017; designed by Naturalbuild, Shanghai.

Stanislaus Fung is a researcher in landscape architecture and architecture who has written extensively on Chinese landscape architecture and architecture in both traditional and contemporary contexts. He is best known for his close readings of Yuan ye, the 17th-century Chinese treatise on gardens, and for new analyses Suzhou gardens that re-aligned the experience of spatial depth and scale to the sensibilities of Chinese painting. Stan Fung is Associate Professor and Director of the MPhil-PhD programme in the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has previously held teaching positions in Australia (in the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales) and in America (in the University of Pennsylvania).

Apart from research papers addressed to specialists, Stan Fung has also brought his work to the attention of design practitioners with contributions to two edited volumes: Recovering Landscape (edited by James Corner) and Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (edited by Christophe Girot and Dora Imhof).

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