Techniques: James Carpenter Design Associates and TriPyramid Structures, “Extending Collaboration”

This is the third discussion in a series that will explore critical issues in contemporary practice. In particular, the series will look at how practices specialize and collaborate to solve specific practical problems and at how complicated projects can lead a firm to define their niche and hone their expertise. Curtain walls, acoustics, modeling, healthcare, and other themes will be the topic of lectures followed by discussion and question-and-answer sessions.

James Carpenter Design Associates and TriPyramid Structures have been working in close collaboration since 1990 on artwork installed around the world.  The scope of their projects ranges from furniture and small screen walls to very large public art installations.  Over the course of 22 years and 60+ projects, and working  with a variety of Structural Engineers, they have developed a powerful collaboration.
This talk will investigate the benefit and necessity of a close collaboration between artist/designer/architect, the Structural Engineer, and the fabricator/specialty component designer.   Each member of the team has unique talents that can be harnessed to create work that best meets the project’s requirements.  The projects showcased will illustrate how this teamwork can to used to meet the artistic challenges, the technical challenges, and the commercial challenges inherent in getting good work built.  A luminous shell currently under construction for the Fulton Street transit dome (Grimshaw Architects) will be highlighted.

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