Practice as Project Lecture: Sheela Maini, “Strategy Design: Inside BIG”

Sheela Maini Søgaard is a partner at BIG Architecture and as CEO, is responsible for the general management of the BIG group. Her responsibilities include operations, finances, business development and organization development as well as client relationships and studio vision. Since she joined BIG in August 2008 her focus has been on optimizing the operations of BIG to create a sustainable company poised for growth with an agenda to contribute positively to architectural and urban development. Sheela’s focus at BIG has evolved over the past years from running a small office of 45 employees in Copenhagen to managing the production of over 200 employees spread across locations in Denmark, New York and Beijing. With a background in the commercial side of the business, Sheela’s main focus is on the overall performance of BIG rather than on specific and individual projects in the studio. Sheela’s professional experience covers, among other things, process optimization, cost control and business development – skills gained from her time as Business Development Manager at Meyers ApS, International Product Manager at GN ReSound, and Strategy Consultant at McKinsey.

The event is co-sponsored by Women in Design and organized as part of GSD 7416: The Practice as Project.

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