Kenzo Tange Lecture: Toyo Ito, “Tomorrow’s Architecture”

‘Minna no Mori’ Gifu Media Cosmos (Kai Nakamura)

As the verticalization of cities progresses, we are increasingly separated from the natural environment and forced to live in a mechanically controlled artificial environment. When we consider ecology and sustainability, the most important themes for architecture and cities in the 21st century, we must distance ourselves from Modernism and reconstruct architecture based on the life that embraces nature. In this lecture, Toyo Ito will explore this theme through the series of studies done with Harvard GSD students in Fall 2015, concerning tomorrow’s architecture on the small island of Omishima, Japan; and public architecture in regional cities, and a proposal for the New National Stadium in Japan. Toyo Ito, Kenzo Tange Design Critic in Architecture at Harvard GSD, is principal of Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, in Tokyo.

Please note that the Kenzo Tange lecture by Toyo Ito has been rescheduled to Monday, March 7th at 6:30 p.m. (formerly Wednesday, March 9th).


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