“Why We Cycle”: Documentary Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Why We Cycle Poster

To the Dutch, cycling is as normal as breathing. They don’t think about it, they just do it. Perhaps the fact that they don’t think about it, is the key to the bicycle’s success in the Netherlands. Through conversations with ordinary cyclists and specialists from a variety of disciplines, the Dutch filmmakers uncover some obvious, but even more hidden effects of cycling on people, on societies, and on the organization of cities.

Screening begins at 6:30pm

Join us for the exclusive Boston area premiere of “Why We Cycle”, exploring the hidden effects of cycling on our cities and ourselves. The one-hour film will be followed by a one-hour panel discussion with local cycling leaders on the health, sustainability, and equity benefits from cycling.

Panelists include:

  • Michelle Cook: Founder/Executive Director of Roxbury Rides
  • Angela Johnson: Transportation Justice Organizer at Transportation for Massachusetts, Vice-President of the Board of Directors at the Boston Cyclists Union
  • Anne Lusk, Research Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health  
  • Cara Seiderman, Transportation Program Manager at City of Cambridge
  • Lily Song: Lecturer in Urban Planning at Graduate School of Design

Directed by Gertjan Hulster & Arne Gielen; Produced by Jeroen Dirks; Scientific Expert MArco Te Brömmelstroet; Narrated by Chris Boardman; Music Composed by René Ahoud; Presented by Nieuw & Verbeterd.

Organized by the Healthy Places GSD student group and supported by the Healthy Places Design Lab, the Transforming Urban Transport Project, the Department of Urban Planning & Design, the Department of Environmental Health, the Department of Nutrition, the Harvard Office of Sustainability, the Planetary Health Alliance, and the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment.

Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].