Enfillade 01: Richter Scale, an Homage to Hans

A black-and-white composition of simple forms is a still frame of a transforming animation.

The Bauhaus film experimentalist Hans Richter (1888-1976) raised the flat superposition and kinetic orchestration of simple forms to a strange gestalt art form. We propose an homage of sorts to Hans, adopting Richter’s graphic vocabulary but playing with the implied interpretation of these elemental spatial forms. Instead of a depthless plane, we imagine the infinite depth of an enfilade corridor. Its sequences of solid and void appear graphical but, through their slippage and parallax, the limn the shadow and light of architecture. In a final geometric inversion, the linear corridor wraps into a warped panoramic projection, completing a strange perceptual ouroboros.

Certain Measures (Andrew Witt & Tobias Nolte)
Design Partners: Andrew Witt (Associate Professor of Practice, Architecture) and Tobias Nolte
Lead Designer: Olivia Heung (MArch 2017)