Airport Landscape: Airplot and Other Aerial Obsessions

October 16, 2013–December 19, 2013
Luis Callejas, curator

Pamphlet Architecture 33. "Islands and atolls" by Luis Callejas / LCLA

The competition for Pamphlet Architecture 33 asked previous authors in the series to nominate the architects and theorists whose work represents the most exciting design and research in the field today. The first winning entry was submitted by Luis Callejas of LCLA Office in Medellin, Colombia and Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of design. Pamphlet Architecture 33: Islands, Atolls, and Other Derivative Territories asks how architecture might critically repurpose its traditionally limited disciplinary tools in order to make a meaningful impact at a territorial scale. As a result, PA 33 provocatively expands devices such as repetition and aggregation beyond their limits in scenarios where sociopolitical constraints seemingly prohibit what would normally be understood as an landscape architecture intervention.

Pamphlet Architecture 33 "Islands & Atolls"
Princeton Architectural press
Author: Luis Callejas
Afterword by Charles Waldheim
Interviews with Geoff Manaugh and Mason White

Gund Hall