Platform 8: An Index of Design & Research

Platform 8 catalogs a curated selection of work generated in the past year at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Alongside final products of design education, Platform 8 places particular emphasis on collecting and documenting the people and artifacts that shape research-driven design practices. Here, design is presented both as process and as a final product. Indexical structure, punctuated with a collection of portraits, presents a comprehensive picture of the school. Platform 8 shows the intention, direction, and passion seen and experienced every day at the GSD.

Faculty Editor & Lecturer in Landscape Architecture: Zaneta H. Hong. Exhibition Student Designers: Daniel Carlson, Ambrose Luk, Nina Phinouwong, and Vipavee Sirivatanaaksorn. Publication Student Editors: Alexander Louis Cassini, Mikhail Thomas Grinwald, and Vi Vu. GSD Exhibitions Team: Dan Borelli, Raymond Coffey, Anita Kan, Sarah Lubin, Jesus Matheus, Matt Murphy, Joanna Vouriotis, Liz Welch, and David W. Zimmerman-Stuart. Exhibition Design & Fabrication: Michael Leighton Beaman and Reid Schwartz. GSD Communications Team: Travis Dagenais, Maggie Janik, Benjamin Prosky, and Ronee Saroff. GSD Publications Team: Meghan Ryan Sandberg, Jennifer Sigler, Melissa Vaughn, Leah Whitman-Salkin. GSD Computer Resources Group: Hal Gould, Mark Hagen, Edwin Antonio Martinez, and Matthew Smith. GSD Building Services: Trevor D. O’Brien. Frances Loeb Library: Janina Mueller and Inés Zalduendo. Faculty Portrait Photography: Adam DeTour and Matt Baldelli.

We would like to thank the following individuals at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, for without their guidance and efforts, this publication and exhibition would not have been made possible: Mohsen Mostafavi, Patricia J. Roberts, Lauren Baccus, W. Kevin Cahill, Stephen McTee Ervin, Rena Fonseca, Mark Goble, Beth Kramer, Theresa A. Lund, Jacqueline Piracini, Laura Snowden, Ann Baird Whiteside, Sara J. Wilkinson; in addition, K. Michael Hays, Iñaki Ábalos, Martin Bechthold, Pierre Bélanger, Anita Berrizbeitia, Felipe Correa, Ann Forsyth, Grace La, Rahul Mehrotra, Kiel Moe, Mark Mulligan, Erika Naginski, Antoine Picon, and Charles A. Waldheim. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the following individuals: Silvia Benedito, Preston Scott Cohen, Salmaan Craig, Diane Davis, Sonja Dümpelmann, Edward Eigen, Rosetta S. Elkin, Ewa Harabasz, Gary R. Hilderbrand, Eric Höweler, Mariana Ibañez, Jerold S. Kayden, Ali Malkawi, Carles Muro, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Jorge Silvetti, Andrew Witt, and Krzysztof Wodiczko.

The student portrait videos featured in this exhibition are available online at