Womxn In Design: Yeah, they were all Yellow: Asian Feminist Architectural Possibilities

A woman wearing yellow and orange, stading on grass, holding an orange in each hand mimicing breasts.

Image Credit Ruo Jia/IfWorks.

This exhibition will showcase discursive and/or non-discursive inquiries around various Asian Feminist Architectural Possibilities. It majorly serves as a group working project of the Spring 2023 elective seminar HIS 4506 “Yeah, they were all Yellow: Asian Feminist Architectural Possibilities,” instructed by Ruo Jia at Harvard GSD. Meanwhile, the exhibition also connects this collective production at the GSD with a larger context in the current day architectural and social milieu, working toward more socio-eco-political just structures at the intersection between race and gender with an anchor of the specific Asian Feminist Architectural materiality. With such approach, this effort seeks to avoid essentialism, bitterness, enclosures, and universalism that discourses over identity risk, but instead aspires to open and relate to ALL, in positive collaboration, communication, collectivity, and constant change.