The GSD-Courances Design Residency will afford students the chance to spend six weeks living and working in the certified organic farm, gardens, and park at the Chateau de Courances, a 16th century domaine located in the Ile-de France region, 50 km south of Paris. The residency will expose students to new modes of thought, discourse, and engagement on such topics as sustainable land management, agriculture, conservation, stories of place, and the role of historic sites in contemporary society.

The structure of the residency is fundamentally hands-on. Students will work directly alongside farmers and landscaping crew, learning land management techniques and practices through direct experience. Students will also pursue an independent project or research topic depending on their own personal interests and explorations.

The residency is open to current candidates for the Master in Landscape Architecture degree. Two positions will be offered each year. The duration of the residency will be for six weeks, from approximately the beginning of June to the middle of July.

The residency is fully funded through the Penny White Project Fund and the generous support of the Chateau de Courances.

Proposals must be submitted to Alaina Fernandes,, by January 5th, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. See important information and proposal guidelines on the Penny White Project Fund website. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed as part of the application process.

An Info Session will be held on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 1:00pm in Piper.