The CELA Fountain Scholar Program is an endowed annual award to acknowledge Black, Indigenous, and persons (students) of color in landscape architecture with exceptional leadership and design skills, and who use their skills and ideas to influence, communicate, lead, and advance design solutions for contemporary issues in a manner aligned with the original goals of Dr. Charles Fountain, a leader and educator at North Carolina A&T.

The program recognizes outstanding students nominated from each landscape architecture program from CELA member institutions. Students are both honored for past achievements and recognized for their future potential to influence the landscape architecture profession. Students recognized by their programs are eligible to be named as a Fountain Scholar and compete for a $2,000.00 scholarship.

This award is administered and awarded by CELA. Participating institutions nominate their students. The Department of Landscape Architecture nominates their student during an internal departmental selection process.

For deadline and submission information, please visit GSD Now.