For students entering Fall 2018

First Year

32 units        Electives or Distributional Requirements*

Second Year

Coursework Track:
16 units        Electives or Distributional Requirements*


Thesis Track:
16 units        Electives or Distributional Requirements*
8 units          GSD 9304        Independent Thesis for the Degree Master in Design Studies

*Students must take 12 units of the following Distributional Requirements:

4 units          GSD 4121        Buildings, Texts, Contexts I
4 units          GSD 4141        Histories of Landscape Architecture I
4 units          GSD 4122        Building, Texts, Contexts II
4 units          GSD 4142        Histories of Landscape Architecture II
4 units          GSD 4223       Buildings, Texts, Contexts III

Recommended Research Methodology Course
Courses that teach skills of potential relevance to theses projects

HIS-4376 Signal, Image, Architecture III: The Automatic Present

Other Recommended Courses

HIS-4115  History and Theory of Urban Interventions
HIS-4350 Michelangelo Architect: Precedents, Innovation, Influence
HIS-4362  Structuring Urban Experience: From the Athenian Acropolis to the Boston Common
HIS-4376  Signal, Image, Architecture III: The Automatic Present
HIS-4385  Mountains and the Rise of Landscape
HIS-4386  Domesticity, Privacy, Transparency, Performance
HIS-4387  Topology and Imagination: Between Chinese Landscapes and Architecture
HIS-4388  Architecture in Early Modern England: Themes and Methods