For students entering Fall 2017

20 units required courses:

4 units  DES-3241   Theories of Landscape as Urbanism
4 units  HIS-4115*  History and Theory of Urban Intervention
4 units  HIS-4142*  Histories of Landscape Architecture II
4 units  SCI-6322   Mapping Geographic Representation
4 units  ADV-9641   Proseminar in Landscape, Ecology, and Urbanism
4 units  ADV-9644   Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
*Students may choose to take either 4115 or 4142, only one is required.

24 – 28 units of elective courses (see suggestions below, total dependent upon chosen track)

In the second semester, students will elect which track to follow to complete the program:

3 Semester Track: Qualifying Paper – Total 48 units
16 units electives or remaining requirements
Qualifying Paper


4 Semester Track: Open Projects – Total 56 units
12 units electives or remaining requirements
4 units 9306 Open Project I
8 units 9307 Open Project II

Suggested Electives for Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology

ULE students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisors regarding choosing an elective curriculum appropriate to their research agendas and professional goals.  They are encouraged to select courses from across the GSD, the Harvard campus and beyond.