Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) offer a joint degree program in public administration and urban planning.

The joint degree program permits students to pursue a Master in Public Administration (MPA) or Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) degree at HKS and a Master in Urban Planning (MUP) degree at the GSD and to complete both degrees in three years, rather than the four years that would be required if the two degrees were pursued independently. Students in one of these joint degree programs must complete all of the basic requirements for both the MPA (or MPA/ID) and MUP degrees.

A committee made up of GSD Professor Ann Forsyth and GSD Professor Jerold S. Kayden (“Faculty Committee”) oversees the degree program. The Faculty Committee is responsible for making decisions regarding the structure and requirements of the program and for working with students.

For details, please read the guide to the Joint MUP/MPA Degree Plan (PDF).