The Office of the Registrar provides a range of services to current students and alumni, including assistance with the below documentation requests.


Student transcripts are maintained permanently in the GSD Office of Student Affairs. An official copy of a GSD transcript will be released on request by the student via the Document Request Form. The Office of Student Affairs may issue copies of GSD transcripts only; requests for copies of transcripts from another institution must be made to that institution.

Post-1995 Official Transcripts

The Graduate School of Design has partnered with Parchment in order to provide a more convenient transcript-ordering process for our students and alumni who graduated after 1995.

Requests for official transcripts (paper and electronic), including those with supplemental attachments, should be placed online through Parchment. You may upload any required attachments as part of the online order process.

This online service is available 24 hours a day,  365 days a year. If you need help with or have questions regarding ordering a transcript, operators are available Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. (CST) and Friday from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (CST) at 1-847-716-3005.

Pre-1995 Official Transcripts

If you graduated before 1995, please email the Office of the Registrar directly as pre-1995 transcripts are archived and are processed once a month.

Enrollment & Degree Verification

The Graduate School of Design has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications to alumni who graduated from a degree program. Enrollment and degree verification through the National Student Clearinghouse provides instant online verification of degrees or dates of attendance claimed by job applicants.

Letters of Enrollment for Current Students

A letter of enrollment can be acquired 24 hours a day on my.harvard under the documents tab.

Loan Deferment

Students who have received educational loans while at the GSD or at a previous institution can receive a deferment on repayment of those loans if they are enrolled as students on at least a half-time basis. The Graduate School of Design uploads enrollment details to the National Student Clearinghouse each semester.

In most cases, the deferment will happen automatically. However, if your loan company sends you a deferment form, you must email the form the [email protected]

The GSD only completes deferment forms for current students; students who want a deferment because of an internship or a fellowship must have their deferment form completed by the agency or firm sponsoring them.

Replacement Diploma

You may request a replacement diploma from the Office of the Registrar if your original Graduate School of Design diploma has been lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. If your diploma was damaged you must send your original diploma. You cannot hold two diplomas.

Replacement Diplomas are available to GSD Alumni only and preparation of the document may take two to three months. Family members of a deceased GSD Alum will have to provide additional documentation, such as notarized copies of Power of Attorney or notarized copies of the Letter of Appointment of Executor, in order to request a replacement diploma. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for additional steps.

The Registrar can only process your request if you provide the following:

  • Notarized Replacement Diploma Form
  • A $200 (USD) check made payable to Harvard University
  • If requesting your new diploma to reflect a legal name change

Mail your request to:

Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Office of the Registrar
48 Quincy Street, Gund 422
Cambridge, MA 02138

The Office of the Registrar does not maintain copies of original diplomas; therefore we are unable to make an unofficial copy while your replacement diploma is being processed.

If you did not receive your original diploma due to delinquencies please contact Student Accounts at University Student Financial Services at (617) 495-2739. You will need to resolve any payment issues on your account before we can issue you your original diploma. After these payments have been resolved please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Notarized & Apostilled Documents

Notarization and Apostille are occurring on a limited schedule. Please email the Office of the Registrar for detailed instructions.

Custom Letter Request

In order to request a custom letter fill out and sign the Custom Letter Request Form, then email the document to [email protected]

If you are looking for a Commencement Visa Support Letter, please refer to the Commencement Website.