Alistair McIntosh

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Alistair McIntosh has over 40 years of professional experience in landscape architecture. During this time he has also taught intermittently at the GSD, MIT, The University of Pennsylvania and Berkley. His professional practice and academic research is a search for ways to physical landscape form. This search focuses on the reciprocity between modes of conceptual design thinking and practices of traditional, current and emerging technologies of landscape architectural production. The goal of this endeavor is the creation of environmentally situated stages for contemporary social life. Places where life unfolds within landscapes that are made of patterned energy trapped in a web of time.

McIntosh’s teaching address techniques of landscape making within a speculative design as opposed to instrumental context but with emphasis placed on the exact description and resolution of constructed physical form. To this end structural principles and the importance of scale in the detail and the overall configuration of a landscape are explored in his courses.