Allen Sayegh

Design Critic and Senior Interaction Technologies Fellow

MDes Domain Head

Allen Sayegh is Design Critic and Senior Interaction Technologies Fellow at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the director of REAL, the Responsive Environment and Artifacts Lab at Harvard. Sayegh is an architect, designer, and educator and the principal of the award-winning design firm INVIVIA.

Sayegh began his dual engagement of teaching research alongside his practice more than two decades ago at Harvard and most recently as an Associate Professor. His courses and practice focus on technologically driven transformative design, exploring the potentials of media and technology integrated built environment, Interaction design, and the study of architectural and urban space thought through the impact of changing technology.

The research at his lab REAL investigates topics that are at the intersection of the built environment, digital technologies, and human experience. And his work is characterized as the cross between these disciplined in producing innovative solutions to new and complex problems.

In addition to his design work, he has a deep interest in the visual arts and has been a recurring visiting professor at the Harvard Carpenter Center of Visual and Environmental Studies offering courses in the areas of media and the built environment such as; Sculpting Motion, Interactive Spaces, Augmented Architecture, Cinematic Architecture, and Responsive Environments.

Sayegh, has served as a founding faculty in many interdisciplinary initiatives at Harvard among them the Alive group with Wyss Institute at Harvard and The LDT the laboratory of Design Technologies.

INVIVIA his design firm has a diverse set of clients that include, municipalities, corporations and NGOs such as The city of Copenhagen, The city of Bergamo, The city of NY, City of Calgary, MIT/DARPA, NY Museum of Natural History, The IOC, Microsoft, Boeing, LG, Hewlett Packard, SAMSUNG, to name a few.

Sayegh has published and exhibited extensively and in many prestigious venues including the Guggenheim NY, The Duomo in Florence, The Storefront of Art and Architecture in NY he has been part of many architecture and art biennales including Moscow, Kwangju, and Venice Biennales.


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