Christine Smith

Robert C. and Marian K. Weinberg Professor of Architectural History

Christine Smith is the Robert C. and Marion K. Weinberg Professor of Architectural History. She teaches courses in Late Antique, Medieval and Italian Renaissance architecture.

Christine Smith has published on Early Christian, Italian Romanesque, Italian Renaissance and Twentieth-Century American art and architecture; most of her publications are in the field of Tuscan Romanesque or on Leon Battista Alberti and Early Renaissance architectural theory.

She is currently co-authoring (with Joseph O'Connor) a book on Maffeo Vegio's 15the century account of St. Peter's in Rome. This work includes translations of, commentaries on, and interpretive essays about his description.

A longer project is an anthology of texts from about 300 A.D. to 1520, from the Greek East and Latin West, illuminating such themes as the architect's knowledge of geometry and mechanics, the participation of the patron in architectural design, the role of architectural ornament (wall revetment and pavements), praise and condemnation of building practice and buildings, the praise of cities, fictive architecture, and the response to ruins.