Nicholas Nelson

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Nick has over nine years of combined experience in fluvial geomorphology and hydrology, and manages Inter-Fluve's New England office in Cambridge, MA. He is currently working on all phases of 10 dam removal and river restoration projects in MA and around the country, leading project management, construction oversight, topographic surveying, and restoration design. His work with Inter-Fluve has focused on dam removal and channel restoration/rehabilitation planning and design, urban river restoration and renewal, geomorphic and habitat assessments, and GIS and hydraulic analyses. Nick has taught Applications of GIS in River Restoration at the University of Minnesota biennially since 2007 and Environmental Planning at Northeastern University annually since 2014.  He taught fluvial geomorphology to MA conservation commissioners at the annual conference from 2012 to 2014 and is currently on a task force to aid in developing geomorphic and stability assessment protocols for MA rivers.