2023 Peter Rice Prize: Sujie Park’s “Material Alchemy”

Sujie Park stands in front of a computer screen and several architectural models, presenting to a room full of people

by Sujie Park (MArch I ’23) — Recipient of the Peter Rice Prize.

The history of architecture and construction has been characterized by the emergence of new construction methods that have consistently led to the development of new architectural forms. The use of iron and steel in the 19th century enabled tall and large-scale structures, while the invention of modern concrete in the early 20th century allowed architects to design more expressive and sculptural buildings. In each case, the new building materials influenced architecture and conveyed unique stories through construction. In addition, the digital era introduced new considerations in the design process, including the choice of software and fabrication techniques.

This thesis focuses on 3D printing, which holds immense promise for sustainable architectural construction, to explore its creative potentials beyond the current predominant use as prototyping and the production of scale models for representational purposes. How can we leverage the untapped potential of 3D printing, to transform the way we design and build our environment?

The project embarks on the studies on Elements of Architecture; looking through the lens of 3D printer to explore how this technology can operate with existing building components. It aims to demonstrate how 3D printing, as an innovative construction method, can adapt visual, structural, and spatial qualities to various scales within the built environment. Ultimately, the project proposes a series of demonstration houses, each showcasing unique capabilities of 3D printing.


Project Acknowledgements

Rhetorical support: Seoyoung Lee (MArch ’22)

Physical model support: Wai Tat Justin Cheng (MArch ’23), Jae Min Seo (MArch ’25), Cynthia Kuo (Cornell MArch ’24), Kristine Chung (MArch ’24)

Drawing support: Seoyoung Lee (MArch ’22), Jae Min Seo (MArch ’25), Wai Tat Justin Cheng (March ’23), Chusu Kim (CalArts MFA ’22)

Rendering support: Kristine Chung (MArch ’24), Cynthia Kuo (Cornell MArch ’24)

Scripting support: Chuan Yin (March ’23), Karen Kuo (March, MDes ’23)

CNC TA support: Min Young Hong (March ’22)