8Twist 4

by Kevin Chong (MArch ’20), Elissavet Pertigkiozoglou (MDes Tech ’18), Carla Saad (MDE ’19), Anne Stack (MArch ’20)

Taken together, advances in the use of origami and inflatable, multi-material devices offer a new design paradigm for rapidly deployable structures. The critical next step is to bring these techniques up to the architectural scale.

The “8Twist” is a structural, inflatable, and modular system inspired by the origami Kresling pattern. It is designed to be compact and expandable while being efficiently and easily deployable. The module went through a series of interventions in order to progress from a vertical structure into an arching form. “Soft” zones were introduced by slicing the octagonal module at a specific angle, then mirroring it along its axis in order to induce the curvature.