Allometric Sake

by Amira Abdel-Rahman (MDes ’17),  Gabriel Muñoz Moreno (MDes ’17), and Santiago Serna Gonzalez (MArch/MDes ’17)

Based on a the theories developed by Holford and Woods in their paper: On the thermal buffering of naturally ventilated buildings through internal thermal mass (2007) we developed a simple framework where buildings worldwide can be retrofitted in order to create natural, buoyancy driven ventilation, powered by thermal mass. Through the simplification of the method, and with the software we designed, the input parameters are as follows: desired ventilation rate, building height, internal and external network of openings, and internal surface area. With this, we are able to analyze any building’s current conditions and propose cost effective solutions for its improvement. The result is the ability to intervene in critical locations with simple and economical strategies for the improvement of living conditions.

Amira Abdel-Rahman, Principal Researcher, Software Development
Gabriel Muñoz Moreno, Principal Researcher and Creative Design
Santiago Serna Gonzalez Principal Researcher and Engineering

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