Animated Building Performance Simulation

Animated Building Performance Simulation (ABPS) is a new term that refers to the combination of parametric studies with advanced building performance simulation tools in order to dynamically visualize the effect of altering selected design parameters on the performance of a design. The objective of an ABPS analysis is to educate a designer how sensitive a design concept is to certain design changes as well as to help him or her to find an 'optimal' solution as far as a particular set of performance metrics is concerned. The latter approach can be especially useful for designers interested in adopting the shape of their buildings to site and climate specific boundary conditions.

In order to make ABPS accessible to the larger design community, we have developed a plug-in for the Rhinoceros – NURBS modeling for Windows application called DIVA-for-Rhino. The plug-in supports a series of performance evaluations including physically accurate scene visualizations, annual radiation maps, climate-based daylighting metrics, glare analysis and LEED IEQ Credit 8.1 compliance. A description of the workflow can be downloaded here. Several ABPS examples that were generated using DIVA-for-Rhino are shown below along with an exploratory extension of the plug-in for EnergyPlus.

Animated versions of the images:

Parametric Daylighting Study of the Zollverein Essen

Parametric Rhino + Grasshopper + EnergyPlus Simulation

Skylight Study

Jeff Niemasz, Kera Lagios, Jon Sargent, Laura Viklund